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Machine Intelligence for Hex
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Welcome to the MIHex Site!

Hex is a two player strategy board game invented in the 1940's that has gained recent popularity. Both players own opposite sides of the board. The board starts empty and the aim is to establish an unbroken chain of pieces connecting the player's sides of the board by alternately placing pieces on the board. Like the chinese game Go, it presents difficult challenges for current AI techniques, and at present there is no Hex program that can rank with top human players.

This site provides resources for developing Hex playing agents. You can download MIHex, a Hex server that supports tournament play between artificial Hex clients, and automatically computes the win/loss ratio's so you can compare the playing strength of the clients that you write. See the documentation page for details on how to write the Hex clients.

You can brush up on your Hex strategy by playing against a friend on the virtual board below. Newcomers might also like to check the rules of Hex or browse the links page for tips on Hex strategy.

GUI for Hex Board